Deuxplex (pronounced 'Du-plex') is a design partnership dedicated to providing brand development, cross-platform marketing, and strategy-based design.

Photography courtesy of Hayden Gurman.




We craft visually powerful logos, followed by sets of typography, color swatches, social media elements, and any additional assets that reinforce your unique message.



Illustration is a skill and aesthetic which can tell a story without words. We've been illustrating in various forms for years. From editorial artwork to infographics, we create elements that deliver content in the purest of forms.



We develop intuitive, engaging, organized sites, with platforms that our clients and users can easily navigate. User experience drives our every decision.



Social media can be your quickest way to communicate with your audience. We help direct your social media visual identity, and craft graphics and messaging to enhance your outreach.


Publications, brochures, business cards, greetings, books and magazines—we've created them all, and we can help create yours too.



Language is an essential facet of virtually all communications. We work with our clients and partners to craft the ideal copy for any project.