At Deuxplex good things come in pairs. Two engaged and reliable creatives forged Deuxplex with a mission to create efficient and direct design solutions and marketing strategies for their clients.



Travis Rothe
Partner, Creative Director

Travis Rothe is an award-winning creative and design director based in Chicago. Travis believes that sound typography, pertinent graphic elements, and curated imagery are what make a successful visual communication. Working with a unique blend of non-profit, corporate, commercial, and performing arts clients, Travis has developed an array of communications for a variety of campaigns, events and publications. Travis has spoken at multiple design education events, and served as a jury member of student STA exhibitions.


Christian Bennin
Partner, Creative Director

Christian Bennin is an award-winning designer and organizational expert based in Indianapolis. Christian believes in communicating messaging through meaningful, straight-forward design, and is dedicated to working wisely and tirelessly to produce thoughtful, engaging work. Christian has worked for nearly a decade with high-profile political organizations, businesses, and policy firms, for which she has developed and directed a variety of identities, publications, social media strategies, and branded communications.

Established in 2015

"Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best."
- Massimo Vignelli

When we decided to start our own design studio, we knew we wanted to set ourselves apart as design thinkers, innovators and creators. We create impactful and thoughtful creative solutions. We are investigative designers, we find it essential to spend time learning your unique message (or helping you to craft one). Our goal is to eliminate careless, insensitive design from the marketplace. We take our task seriously and seek to improve our shared environment with beautiful work. This doesn't mean we don't have fun doing it though, visual communication is our passion. We believe we can make the world a better place through great design.